Song of the Sea

A few years ago I remember being impressed by The Secret of the Kells. The likes of Pixar And Studio Ghibli, while very different in their styles, have produced some amazing animated children’s films - but The Secret of the Kells was a refreshing change in that it possessed a distinctive hand-drawn ‘old school’ feel and felt decidedly closer to home.

Song of the Sea is the second feature-length film by Carton Saloon, the Irish animation studio who made ‘Kells’. Both films hold the distinction of not even being given a theatrical release in the UK before going on to a receive a nomination for Best Animated Feature at the Academy Awards (in 2009 and 2014 respectively).

I’m very grateful to nine-year-old Madeleine Rose for being my Song of the Sea guest reviewer. Thanks Madeleine, you did a brilliant job.

I found it fantastic, with beautiful hand drawn illustrations that gave a brilliant effect to the whole film.

Song of the Sea is about a young girl named Saoirse who is a selkie (a selkie is a person young or old who needs a white coat to help her or him live, when the selkie wears the coat in the water he or she turns into a white seal).

The names of the main characters are Conor the light house keeper and father of Ben the little boy. Then we have Conor’s other child Saoirse, a young girl ,and Bronagh mother of the children who is also a selkie too - which means that Saoirse is half human and half selkie. Last but not least we have Cu the sheep dog.

This film was bursting with exquisite elements which lit up the entire story with love, magic, fun and some very moving moments which made me enjoy this film very much.

I love this film because it has a brilliant flow as the whole story line connects, one part to another. All these very good ideas are jam packed into one, with all the fantastic elements which means this film is amazing.

Song of the Sea made me feel like I was in it with all the emotional moments. I felt the happy moments, sadness, love and fun which created a lovely film.

This film really makes you think how caring and loving people really helps people in the future.

All the funny, fantastic, joyful, loving characters make you really want to watch this film.

Madeleine Rose